Plateia Night /
Βραδιά στη Μπλατεία

One or two hours per week of Greek School is never enough. Add to the task of learning the language the fact that there are games, songs, dances and foods which round-out the Greek experience we would like the kids exposed to, and it seems impossible to make any meaningful progress.  So, this year again, starting on October 16th, we will have a Plateia Night ('a night in the village square').   

It is open to all students and their parents, and will feature a variety of activities, with the goal of giving the kids a venue to use some of the Greek they are learning.  We will do songs, games, cartoons, dances, and may even have some Greek sweets.  Ask the children what they have enjoyed the most over the last few years of Greek School, and your answer will likely include some of the extra-curricular things.

This year, our first Plateia Night will be on Wednesday,  November 14th, from 6:30-7:30.

Parents are encouraged to bring a Greek snack or sweet for the kids!

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