The Youngest Greek School Class Outside of Greece?


Students must meet the minimum age requirement to be in this class. 

Traditionally, Greek School begins at seven-years old. It was felt that children with no experience in a classroom would have difficulty functioning in a second-language learning environment. Having lived and taught and Greece and Japan, I learned there is no such thing as 'too young,' especially when it comes to languages.

So, we undertook to create a class for children with little or no classroom experience. There is no textbook in the 30-minute classes, and a parent must be in the classroom with their child. It brings together children who already (should) see one another regularly in Sunday School and/or the Trinity Learning Center, at an age when they are at their most receptive and responsive.

The class has been very successful. Kids come out of it and go into a reading class already armed with experience and vocabulary.

Parents and grandparents are strongly encouraged to substitute new vocabulary for already-learned English. So, instead of saying "Good morning," try "Kalimera", making the Greek they learn relevant.

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