Greek School 2016-2017


Lisa Mitoulis- Parish Administrator  - 609-653-8092 ext. 5
George Plamantouras- Teacher/Director  -

Homework is posted below for all classes. Please check regularly.

Videos will no longer be posted for individual download on a weekly basis. Instead, there is a YouTube channel that will be added to regularly. Many videos directly pertain to lessons in the books we use, while others provide general reinforcement.

For now, here is a look at the 2016-2017 year. Enjoy!

Four weeks of Greek School are already complete!

PreK/K - We reviewed and built on words from previous lessons. Watch the following:

Basic Vocabulary Builder

Basic Words 1 (previously-assigned - if there is time)
Basic Words 2 (previously-assigned - if there is time)

Level 1 - Complete up to and including the end of Unit 5 in the workbook AND re-read units 1-4. With the addition of /κ/ and /ψ/,  have learned ten letters (the others are: /α/ /ε/ /ι/ /ν/ /μ/ /τ/ /ο/ /ρ/). Watch these to supplement:

Watch Unit 4, Letter /ο/
Watch Unit 5, Letter /κ/
Watch Unit 5, Letter /ψ/

Watch Unit 3, Letter /τ/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 3, Letter /ι/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 2, Letter /ν/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 2, Letter /ε/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 4, Letter /ρ/ (previously-assigned)
Watch Unit 1, Letter /α/ (previously-assigned)

Level 2 - Finish up to and including p.46. Homework was explained in e-mail to parents on the 11th. Please ensure it is cleanly-written. Also, watch the above and below videos.

The Letter /ε/
Τhe Letter /κ/ (previously-assigned)
Τhe Letter /η/ (previously-assigned)

Level 3 - Finish Unit 10 and p. 247. Also, watch the following four videos.:

A Simple Day

Verb Conjugations

Diphthong ε + υ

Days of the Week

Level 4 - This class has nearly doubled in size. Great energy. Not everyone is on the same page, but we will get there. When completing homework, ensure all accent marks are written in. Do up to and including p. 64 and p.113.

Level 6/7 - Finish the book! Watch the following:

"I Will Do"

A Simple Future Table (read everything aloud, as no narration is provided for this video)

Level 8 - Finds worsd from p. 53 in the readingon Olympia, then pp. 57 and 59-61.

Level 9 - Finds words from vocabulary on pp. 116-7. Also, p. 121