Greek School 2017-18


Lisa Mitoulis- Parish Administrator  - 609-653-8092 ext. 5
George Plamantouras- Teacher/Director  -

Homework is posted below for all classes. Please check regularly.

Videos will no longer be posted for individual download on a weekly basis. Instead, there is a YouTube channel that will be added to regularly. Many videos directly pertain to lessons in the books we use, while others provide general reinforcement.

THIRTY SEVEN WEEKS of Greek School are already complete!    

Graduation will be on June 3rd in church.                                              

We talked about actions in the park, at the beach, in the field, in the garden. We have also started talking about spring.


Level 1
- Finish the book! Outstanding progress this year!

Level 2 - Assigned in class.

Level 3- Assigned in class. If everyone is present, we will continue building our house.

Watch: Food
Watch: Slow Food and Fast Food

Level 4 Students should record themselves doing the Oct. 28th readings in the back of the book and e-mail them to me, audio only. The review will continue this week.

Level 6/7 - Assigned in class. Please remember to send audio recordings of your reading.

Level 8 - Assigned in class.

Level 9 - HW assigned in class.